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Well, if you want to become a web developer you need to gain programming knowledge. The best way to start career as a web developer is join the best training institute that provides practical training along with placements.

The average entry level salary for a web developer in India is INR 3.04 lakhs to 5.3 lakhs.
Mid level web developer salary is INR 4.5 lakhs to 6 lakhsExperienced web developer salary is INR 5.0 lakhs to 8.0 lakhs

In web development training you will learn front end development and backend development skills.

As we all know, IT industry is growing year on year. India has become hub of IT in the world. A career scope for skilled web development professionals is high in today’s job market.

There are two types of web pages -static webpage and dynamic webpage. Front end developers create static webpage using HTML, CSS and scripting languages like Javascript. Whereas backend developers create Dynamic webpages using programming languages like PHP, dot Net and databases like SQL.

You can learn web development from any training institute that provides real time training on PHP, SQL and other frameworks with career guidance.

To become PHP developer you should have in-depth knowledge on PHP programming, MySQL and basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and frameworks and CMSs.

The average salary for a PHP Developer in India is ₹289,292lakhs per year.

While there’s no ‘right’ way to get started with WordPress development, the following three steps will point you in the right direction:

  1. Learn (or brush up on) your basic web development languages.
  2. Do plenty of research, and consider taking a few dedicated courses.
  3. Decide on a way to get involved, and jump right in.

The demand for the wordPress developers is still high in today’s job market. Because, there are millions of website built in WordPress which required regular update and redesigning. As per the glassdoor The average salary for WordPress developer in India is ₹31,666/month